Deco-Rose group is proud to be the provider of new products and services under the supervision of Germany GTA with the title of Deco-Rose brand as one of the first outdoor furniture(Ratten) manufactures in Iran. Ratten furniture is made of aluminum and woven cover of polyethylene. Also, these products can be used in outdoors in all of the seasons due to their resistance to water, sun, moisture, mushroom and algae. Deco-Rose group has been able to produce the most beautiful Ratten furniture according to customers interests and orders in different colors and dimensions which are guaranteed.


All of the products of this brand are woven by talented native artists using special techniques. In order to be more durable, special carbon materials are used to connect fibers to the aluminum body while knitting the fibers. Also, floor dovetail for tolerating heavier weight under the chairs and furniture is evident.

Aluminum frame and electrostatic color:

Aluminum frame: The aluminum used in Deco-Rose products is from pure aluminum layers and they are made resistant under special conditions to become more strong. The aluminums used in these products have the thickness of 1/6 to 1/8 mm which have the highest thickness in the world.

Welding the frames: This collection used argon welding by having experienced welding experts for higher quality.
Electrostatic powder color: The produced frames will be colored using electrostatic colors in order to be more durable and beautiful.

Mat fibers:

Polymeric fibers of Deco_Rose collection are produced by full automatic extruder machine in accordance with international standards such as IOS22156 and IOS22157 and under the supervision of polymer engineers. These fibers have unique materials which distinguish them from natural mattress fibers. Some of them are mentioned in the following:
· (Water Resistance)
· (Non-Toxic)
· (UV Resistance)
· (Anti-Static)
· (Anti-Bacterial)
· (Color Masterbatch)